Smiles at South of England Show

Oaklands Pigs did well again at the South of England show this year.

Winning Tamworth Champion and both the Male and Female Champion in the Saddleback classes




Teghan the Tamworth, born in July 2018 won best Tamworth








Dominic, our saddleback boar, born in January this year, was Male Saddleback Champion







Bonnie, a four year old Saddleback Sow, won Female Champion and went on to win overall Saddleback Champion. 

We were pleased that she also went down to the last 6 pigs in the interbreed championship for Best in Show


Reserve Champion at Surrey

Lexie the Landrace won her class at the Surrey show and went on to win Reserve Champion at the show. She behaved impeccably in the ring unlike our January born gilt who took Jo for a run around the ring.

The boys strut their stuff at Heathfield

Heathfield show was busy as ever. The sun came in and out and made a very pleasant day. Dominic our new breeding boar, born in January looked splendid in the ring and won his class, then went on into the championship class. But it wasn’t his day for the top prizes.

Spring into Action

Oaklands Pigs were once again at the SPRING LIVE show at the South of England Showground for the Bank Holiday weekend. Although dry it was quite cold especially on Sunday, but that didn’t stop the visitors coming. In the pen we had Dominic who will be our new breeding boar when he is older and a saddleback gilt Rosie who is 4 months old. They were both very obliging in letting everyone stroke them but not so good when loading them in the trailer to leave, as they went on a small detour around the animal barn – obviously wanting to say goodbye to everyone ! But after some assistance from the cattle and sheep breeders and even the reptile handlers joined in, we managed to corral them into the trailer.

National Pig Breeder of the Year Award

Oaklands Pigs took the prestigious title of National pedigree pig breeder of the year award at a ceremony in London recently. The competition is judged on a number of criteria including breeding statistics, pedigree sales, show awards and importantly how you are promoting pedigree pigs in the wider world. Oaklands Pigs regularly support a number of non competitive shows and fairs where they take pigs and talk to the public, including the schools day in July. With our courses and Perfect pigs book we also get the word out about keeping pigs. We also host days for school young farmers groups, disabled groups and trainee chefs learning the art of pigs from farm to fork. And certainly we put pigs on the map when we appeared in the recent Celebs on the Farm Pig Day.

So we are delighted to receive this award.

Clare is pictured with Guy Kiddy Chairman of the Britsh Pig Association and Andrew Castle the ex number one UK tennis champion who presented the awards.

Autumn Show

The day did not start out bad on Saturday 6th October, but by lunchtime the heavens had opened and there was torrential rain. All the arena demonstrations were cancelled and the public exited en masse. Luckily our pigs were in the Abergavenny building in the dry. Sunday could not be more different with glorious warm sunshine and loads of people there all day. We took some of our show pigs for next year including Tamworth, Saddlebacks and Landrace and they soon got used to people stroking them and all the sights and sounds of the show.

Celebs on Oaklands Farm

The new series of Celebs on the Farm started at 10pm on 5Star on Monday 20th August. Episode 4 on Thursday 23rd August was their day with us at Oaklands Pigs. If you missed it you can still catch up on My5 at My5TV .

The Celebrities :- Lorraine Chase, Sandi Bogle, Charlotte Dawson, Megan McKenna, Gleb Savchenko, Louie Spence, Bobby Norris, Ashley McKenzie

They first met the piglets and then went onto to wash and shampoo their own pig ready for the show. After a little bit of chasing the pigs around the field, they soon got the hang of working with a stick and board and then competed in two mini show heats. With 8 Celebrities and a crew of nearly 30 we had our work cut out keeping tabs on everyone. So apart from camera and sound men, there were producers, editors, wardrobe, drivers, minders, catering, runners and a medic

Photos for Chinese Year of the Pig

Next year 2019 is the Chinese Year of the Pig. So planning ahead, we were asked to assist with photography for some new merchandise for next year. The photos needed to be of pigs faces and the design company would then draw in cartoon bodies for them. Luckily we had a litter of tamworths and a litter of Landrace that were about a week old and ideal models for the shoot. Some of the piglets were more co-operative than others but we ended up with all the shots we needed. The design company have mostly been photographing dogs and cats, so this was a nice change for them too. Their merchandise can be seen at (although the pigs won’t be on the site for a few month’s yet)

3 Best of Breeds

The weather was warm and sunny all through the three days of the South of England show. Oaklands pigs took 9 show pigs from 5 different breeds, as well as a sow with her 8 piglets for the pig village. That involved two trailer loads to get everyone there on the Wednesday setup day.

Greta the Old Spot won Best of Breed, repeating her win of the previous year.

Tara the Tamworth then won her Best of Breed, again a repeat of her 2017 win.

We also won best Landrace at last year’s show with our junior boar, but this year we again won Best of Breed but this time with our July Gilt Lorna.

So we once again had three pigs in the Interbreed Championship which was held on the Friday. Sadly no awards there, with the Supreme Champion being a Large White and the Reserve taken by a Berkshire.

Carol Kirkwood meets the pigs

BBC breakfast came to the South of England show and Carol Kirkwood filmed her links and the weather from our pen of sow and litter.

We also filmed with ITV Meridian and did a live broadcast with BBC Radio Sussex.

Several other smaller camera units also came round for their social media sites, so our pigs will be popping up everywhere.

Prizes all round at Surrey

The weather was kind to us at the Surrey show. Although heavy showers were forecast, we had an overcast morning – ideal for pig showing and a bright and sunny afternoon. Every pig we took to the show (old spots, saddlebacks and landrace) made the top 3 in their class and took home a first, second or third rosette. And to top it all, Greta the Old Spot won the Sow class and went on to take Reserve Champion in the final.

Show Selection Time

With the agricultural show entry forms dropping on the mat everyday, it is time to decide which pigs will be going to the shows this year. We usually keep back 3 or 4 in each age category and grow them on before we decide which ones will be kept. Here is a group of our July and September born saddlebacks along with an interloping Landrace gilt. It is very hard to breed the perfect pig and the one with the best teats doesn’t have the best markings and the best shaped one doesn’t have the best legs, so you just have to choose the one with the most positive features, that you think the judge might like in the show ring on the day.

Pigs are shown in age categories with separate classes for boys and girls.

There is a class for Adult Sow – which can be any age from 1 year although most sows at about 5-6 years old are getting stiff on their legs so do not move so well around the ring.

The next class is for pigs born after 1st July. So during the 2018 show season we will be showing pigs that were born after 1st July 2017. Pigs in this class can be born from July to the end of December that year, although obviously those born later in the year will not be as big and impressive as one born earlier and are therefore less likely to be in the awards.

Some shows (but not all) will also have a born after 1st September class. So again we have chosen some pigs that were born close the beginning of September 2017 for this class.

The final class and the one that usually causes chaos in the ring is those pigs born after 1st January, so these are shown in the year that they are born. With shows starting in April and May these girls will only be 4 to 5 months old when they go to their first show, so haven’t had much time for training and generally take off round the ring with the handler in hot pursuit.

The boys generally only have two classes, one for those born after 1st July and one for those born after 1st January. That means that only young boars are shown and these will still need two handlers in the ring to ensure that they are kept separate from each other avoiding a fight. 




Fun in the snow

Snow finally hit the South East this week, but it didn’t stop the girls going for their daily walk. Pigs love the snow and like to run around and dig in it. But they’ll have to make the most of it, as I am sure it won’t be around for long.

Preparing for Winter

With the outdoor pens getting increasingly muddy, it starts to become difficult to feed the pigs at this time of year. Luckily our main paddock has a large concrete pad onto which we can put the feed to avoid it becoming lost in the mud and we have also taken delivery of our first round of sow rolls in the silo. Normally we use the smaller sow pellets for the majority of the year, but during the winter the larger sow rolls are easier to feed and don’t get lost so easily.

Whilst we still have a number of fatteners and young stock in the woods and about 15 sows left in the main paddock we have brought a batch of pigs into the straw filled barn to ease the pressure in the outdoor pens. And although the barn is over 50ft long, they all want to bed down in one corner, but they do seem content with this arrangement.

Runner up in National Competition

Oaklands Pigs was a runner up in the National Pig Association annual award ceremony which took place in London on Monday 6th November.

A finalist in the Pedigree Breeder of the Year category, which was judged on our breeding statistics, number of pedigree sales made, showing successes and how we promote pedigree pigs to the general public.

The awards ceremony meant that everyone was dressed in their posh frocks and no wellies in sight.


Mixed weather at the Autumn Show

Oaklands Pigs were again at the South of England Autumn Show with a pen of pigs in the farmyard section. Saturday was bright and sunny and there were a lot of visitors to the show. Sunday however started wet, rallied for a dry spell in the middle of the day, before lapsing back into drizzle. We were snug and warm in the covered Abergavenny building, which became quite busy during the showers. But the wet weather left many cars being towed out of the carparks through a sea of mud at the end of the day. We had lots of enquiries and talked to many potential smallholders about the joys of keeping pigs.

Tamworth Triumph at Edenbridge

Tara the Tamworth certainly strutted her stuff at the weekend to come 2nd in a class of 11 for the July Gilt group. Tamworths do not normally feature highly in mixed breed classes, so to come second was the highlight of our day. 

The other pigs in the team all played their part and we came away with Best Tamworth, Best Old Spot and Best Saddleback. So a nice end to the showing season for 2017.

Reserve Champion at Cranleigh

Blodwen, our Saddleback born in July last year took Reserve Champion at the Cranleigh show. It was a very hot day and we struggled to keep the pigs cool in the marquee as there was hardly any breeze, but a plant sprayer full of water helped to damp them all down.

Children connect with the countryside

Oaklands Pigs once again attended the “Connect with the Countryside” event at the South of England showground. Around 5,000 children from Year 10 and 11 came from schools around Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

We were part of the farm animal section with cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys and poultry amongst other more exotics. A lot were surprised to see how big pigs were at six months old and many did not know that pigs had hair, they thought they would be smooth skinned.

Our two January born saddlebacks and a January born Landrace were already experienced hands at the shows and were not phased at all by the crowds of children all wanting to stroke them and slept through most of the shouting and running around from the excited onlookers.


Plenty of Prizes at South of England Show

Oaklands Pigs were delighted with the results at the recent South of England show. Winning 3 breed champions and 1 reserve champion from the four breeds that we exhibited there.



GRETA (Adult Sow)



TARA (July 2016 born Gilt)



LANCELOT (January 2017 born Boar)



DESDEMONA (January 2017 born Gilt)

Camillia comes to the show…

The Duchess of Cornwall came to the South of England Show today, and toured the pig show areas where she admired Oaklands Pigs saddlebacks, and the ‘pig village’ – a pig exhibition – where our two Kune Kune pigs were quietly sleeping.

Tropical weather for Surrey Show

Well it may not have been quite tropical weather at the Surrey County Show on Bank Holiday Monday, but Clare and pig Bessie dressed in Hawaiian style to win the fancy dress competition. Our Tamworth Tara then won the prettiest pig class as she strutted her stuff around the ring. Fun classes aside, all our girls showed well in the main pedigree classes  which was the main point of the show.

Commercial champion at Heathfield

Oaklands Pigs ventured into the world of Commercial pig showing today at the heathfield show.

We entered our Landrace pigs born in Jan 2017 and the brother and sister pair Lancelot and Loretta won the best commercial pair, and Loretta went on to win the overall commercial champion.

Lancelot also won the Jan born boar in the pedigree classes of the main show and qualified for the final best in show group, but it was not his lucky day today.